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Journal Articles Under Review

Bai, J. (under review). What is the role of social work in China?  A multi-theoretical analysis.  International Social Work.

Bai, J. (under review). Perceived support as a predictor of acculturative stress among international college students in the United States.  Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work.

Decker, C.L. (under review).  Maintaining a balance: Young adult survivors of childhood cancer talk about life.  Journal of Psychosocial Oncology.

Decker, C.L., Scott, L. L., Miller, K., Goulet, R., & Fife, B. L.  (under review).  A brief preventive intervention to promote the well-being of dyads coping with breast cancer.  Psycho-Oncology.

Gentle-Genitty, C. (under review). Modeling resilience through student-teacher interactions: TDPE approach and learner framework. Families in Society, Special Volume on Revisiting Risk and Resilience.

Gentle-Genitty, C. (under review). African American students in transition from middle to high school:  Evaluation and identification of best practice programs. Children and Schools.

Gentle-Genitty, C. (under review). Common caveat in teaching human behavior in the social work environment. Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work.

Gentle-Genitty, C. (under review). Teaching and working with millennia students: Recognizing and working with the differences. Journal of Teaching in Social Work.

*McGuire, L., Howes, P., Murphy-Nugen, A. & George, K. (under review).  Leadership as advocacy:  The impact of Title IV-E supported MSW education on a public child welfare agency.  Journal of Public Child Welfare.

Schaefer, J.K. (under review). Healthy Families America vs. Dr. Old's Nurse Family Partnership: An analysis of child abuse prevention programs. Child Abuse and Neglect: The International Journal.

Thomas, P.E. & Lysaker, P.H. (under review). Understanding long-term homelessness among men with mental health and substance abuse problems: Coping with threatened identities. Qualitative Social Work: Research and Practice.

Westhuis, D., Marshall-Meis, J., & Pittman, D. (under review). Can morale, welfare, and recreation programs enhance personnel performance and commitment to the military? Armed Forces & Society.