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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are classes offered?

    Core classes are offered Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday during the day.

  • What transfers from my MSW?

    The typical MSW student transfers about 24 credit hours.  30 is the maximum.

  • Who should I get to write a letter of recommendation?

    You can use a faculty member from Grad school.  They will be best able to speak to your academic potential as a doctoral student.  Since they have been through a PhD program themselves, they understand what is expected.

  • When is the application due?
    • PreDoc applications are due by Nov. 1 for spring. 
    • PhD applications are due Feb. 1 (prospective University Fellowship nominees) for fall semester.
  • When do classes start?

    Fall classes generally start the 3rd week of August.

  • When is the money due?

    For part-time PhD students or PreDoc students, you pay shortly after registration.  If you register early, you pay early.  If you register closer to the registration deadline, you pay around that timeframe.

  • How many hours does someone work if they get an Assistantship for the PhD program?
    • 12 hours if you decline student health insurance.
    • 15 hours with insurance.
  • Do you have to be full-time to be in the PhD program?

    Part-time options are available.

  • How do I find out about the GRE test?


  • Is there a study guide for the GRE test?

    Study Guide Resources