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Graduates' Doctoral Dissertations


Celia Williamson
Entrance, Maintenance, and Exit:  The Socio-Economic Influences and umulative Burdens of Female Street Prostitution

Jacqualyn Green
Factors in African American Social Work Student Persistence


Marty Pentz
Cancer: The Lived Experience of the Older Adult


Glenna Barnes
Understanding the Social and Cultural Factors Related To African American Infant Mortality: A Phenomenological Approach

Carol Decker
Social Support, Family Environment, and Coping in Adolescents with Cancer


Michael Twyman
The Lived Experience of African American Grandfathers Raising their Grandchildren

Greta Yoder Slater
Firearm Suicide among Older Adults: A Sociological Autopsy


Betty Walton
Predictors of Improvement for Children Served in Developing Systems of Care

Monique Busch
Examining Organizational Learning for Application in Human Service Organizations


Delthea Hill
African American Heterosexual Women Facing the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Giving Voice to Sexual Decision-Making

Daniel Navarro
Cross- Border Fathering: The Lived Experience of Mexican Immigrant Fathers

Carolyn Gentle-Genitty
Impact of Social Bonding on Chronic Truancy: Perceptions of Middle School Principals


Virgil Gregory
Gregory Research Beliefs Scale: Factor Structure and Psychometric Characteristics


James Brown
Trajectories of Parents’ Experiences in Discovering, Reporting, and Living with the Aftermath of Middle School Bullying

Beth Muehlhausen
Dual Degree Programs in Social Work and Divinity:  Graduates’ Experiences

Jaylene Schaefer
Child Abuse Prevention by Home Visitors: A Study of Outstanding Home Visitors using Mixed Methods


Ankita Deka
Racial Disparities in Self-Reported Health and Health Care Utilization:  Does Primary Care Matter?

Jieru Bai
Development and Validation of the Acculturative Stress Scale for Chinese College Students in the United States (ASSCS)


Barb Burdge
A Phenomenology of Transgenderism as a Valued Life Experience Among Transgender Adults in the Midwestern United States

Janell Horton
Exploring the Cultural Experiences of Family Case Managers: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Zulkipli Lessy
Philanthropic Zakat for Empowering Indonesian’s Poor: A Qualitative Study of Recipient Experiences at Rumah Zakat

Sung-Ju Kim
The Impact of Federal Government Expenditures on State Government Expenditures and Philanthropic Giving to Human Services Organizations (HSOs): 2005-2006


Leila Wood
Domestic Violence Advocacy

Jennifer Wright Berryman
The Influence of Decision-Making Preferences on Medication Adherence for Persons with Severe Mental Illness in Primary Health Care 

David Wilkerson
Integrating Individual and Social Learning Strategies in a Small-Group Model for Online Psycho-Educational Intervention: A Mixed Methods Study of a Parent-Management Training Program

Govind Dhaske
The Lived Experience of Rural Women Affected with Matted Hair in Southwestern India

Amy Murphy-Nugen
From Homeownership to Foreclosure: Exploring the Meanings Homeowners’ Associate with the Lived Experience of Foreclosure


Matt Moore
Taking a Time-Out to Ensure Well-Being: Social Work Involvement in College Sports 

Rob Richardson
Education on the Edge:  Underprepared Students in BSW Programs

Kori Bloomquist
“A Piece of You is Gone:”  Foster Parent Experiences of Pre-adoptive Placement Disruption

Gail Augustine
An Examination of Attrition Factors for Underrepresented Minority Undergraduate Students: Phenomenological Perspectives of Successful Students and Graduates

Susan Larimer
From testing the water to riding the waves: New master of social work graduates’ journey from student to professional

Victoria Hanson
The Meaning of Successful Aging Among Older Adults with Long-Term Disabilities

Jennifer Anderson
Scaffolding in Interprofessional Education: Implications for Social Work Education

Kyle McGregor
New Approaches to Research with Vulnerable Populations: Interdisciplinary Application of a Framework for Vulnerability and Adolescent Capacity to Consent


Isaac Karikari

​Child Labor: A Critical Discourse Analysis