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Student Testimonial

 The MSW program has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.  I have grown tremendously over the past two years, both personally and professionally, which I attribute to the experiences I have had in the program.  Not only have I learned new skills to become a better social worker, the program has helped to reaffirm my commitment to the values of the social work profession. - Jada Svoboda

 Going into the MSW program has been one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life. When I first decided that I wanted to go back to school, I was not sure if social work was exactly where I wanted to be. However, after talking to one of the advisors (Susan Larimer), who was extremely helpful, I decided it was the perfect fit. My experience with the program so far has exceeded my expectations. Not only are the professors great, I have gotten very close to many students within my cohort. Although the program can be tough at times, you have support from all sides: the professors, the social work staff, and your fellow cohorts. - Jennifer McIntosh

 The Indiana University School of Social Work, MSW program has helped me combine my successful career in the non-profit sector with a Master's degree that will enhance my commitment to helping people in communities identify, prevent, and solve problems. -Marva Cobb Stanford

 The best part of the MSW program has been the terrific practica experiences I have had. These have truly prepared me to go into the field and follow the career path I have chosen. My practica field liason and instructors have truly cared about my learning experience and have allowed me to tailor this to meet my career goals. I also can't forget the professors! My favorite professors are those who have given real world examples of how to implement the theories and skills we have learned in class. I also feel I have benefitted from my peers experiences they share in class. I have also made some truly awesome friends along the way. Lastly, the scholarship opportunities have been a real blessing in assisting me to pay for my education. Overall, the IU School of Social Work I believe has truly prepared me to hit the ground running! - Jessica Steiner

 I started the MSW program in 2005, but had to withdraw for personal reasons. I spent a significant amount of time waiting for the day I could return to the program. Finally, in the fall of 2008, I was at a point in my life to return to IUSSW, and now I am set to graduate in May of 2010. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be an MSW student. This program allows me to use my personal and professional experiences to be a better social worker. Being the first person in my family to obtain a Master's Degree is an accomplishment that makes me very proud. My education is most valuable to me, and it is an opportunity that I do not take for granted.  - Kristen Ann Williams

 This MSW program has continually provided me with the tools I need to be a change agent in my community through relationships with faculty, direct practice experience, and relevant classroom discussions. Upon graduation, I have confidence this program will have shaped me into the kind of social worker that effectively and compassionately helps to generate social justice on behalf of the marginalized.  --Maeven Mendoza

 The MSW program has helped me to discover how to be an advocate for those that are oppressed. I have made friends and actually learned the true meaning of social work while in the MSW program. Social work is not just about helping individuals, families, groups, and communities, but to advocate for social justice, economic equality, policy, and service to a diverse population. The direct practice I have had with agencies has enabled me to be a more knowledgeable practitioner while being considerate of the cultural diversity that exists within the world.  I had an opportunity to go to Germany, through a study abroad program, and attend conferences on volunteerism and share the United States view on volunteerism.  The MSW program has taught me the social work values, ethics, principles, and techniques from caring professors and directors. Michael Patchner, the Dean of the Indiana University School of Social Work, is committed to the students while exhibiting an unparalleled example of the excellence of social work. - Teresa Sue Gee

 I received my BSW from IUPUI in 2001 and my MSW in 2008. Both student experiences were positive and life-changing. At the time I was a BSW at IUB, the fourth year was only offered at IUPUI. In my last year as an undergrad I had to transfer from the Bloomington campus to the Indianapolis campus, in effect becoming a "freshman" again. But the faculty and student services at IUPUI made the transition an easy one.

Instructors are helpful and considerate of students.  Dean Patchner is very approachable and accessible. I had the opportunity as a student to converse with him. MSW student services-Susan Larimer and Sherry Gass-were very friendly and knowledgeable about scheduling and course requirements. They always found time to provide guidance through a stressful process. - Bessie Proffet, MSW

 The Indiana University School of Social Work MSW program has been a wonderfully cohesive educational program to go with experience I have already had in the field. The teachers bring real-life knowledge to the classroom and help me to connect the theory I am learning with the work I am doing outside of the class at my job and in my practicum.  I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I have found that the Master's of Social Work program has helped to expand my knowledge of psychology, along with giving me the degree I need to pursue the work I wish to accomplish. - Casey Zeigler

 It took working alongside social workers for me to learn that I am truly a social worker at heart.  From my first class at IUSSW learning the values and history of the profession, I knew I was at home! The skills I have gained enhance my volunteer work at Sovietsk Orphanage in Kirov, Russia, helping to prepare youth aging out of the system. Through the MSW program, I am working with this same population at home in my practicum at The Villages.  IUSSW has brought me so many opportunities I could never have imagined. Most recently, I launched program I designed in my coursework for Doma International, where I now serve as a programming consultant. The next project is training orphanage workers in Ukraine!  The MSW program has helped me marry my value for individual connection to my passion for analyzing and strengthening service systems, through a dual concentration in Child Welfare and Leadership.  My social work training is bringing together my passions and my life experiences and has helped me discover my purpose. When I graduate, I know I am just beginning a lifelong career of service and learning. - Sarah Clark

Having been out of college and in the workforce for almost 20 years, I have found the MSW program to be a breath of fresh air. The course work challenges us to think outside of our own paradigms and critically, objectively analyze issues related to our culture and the individuals who comprise it. Most refreshing about the program is it is supportive rather than competitive construction; the professors demonstrate genuine encouragement of and caring for the students and the students exhibit this same compassion toward one another. I feel quite lucky to be a part of such a vibrant, inspirational program! %7e Linda J. Bond

As a graduate student at the IU School of Social Work, I have studied in the Advanced-Accelerated, one year program in the concentration of Health Care.  The two things that have impressed me most about the MSW program at IUPUI are the flexibility in schedules and the great instructors who come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  A variety of options are available including full-time, part-time, day,  night, weekend and accelerated learning programs.  What is great is that they fit into many lifestyles and the staff is very supportive if one program is started and your needs change. This was important for me because of family responsibilities and living sixty miles from campus.

Also, the fact that the instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds which enables them to enhance textbook learning with personal experience made the classes interesting. They also were very understanding to the demands of studying, doing a field placement and having a job or family which let me know that they really did respect where I was at as a student. - Kay Eddy

After completing my BSW at Taylor University, and then working in the field for two years as a case manager, going back to school to get my MSW was something that I decided to do so that I could better myself as a life long learner, as well as better serve clients. My classmates and I are learning skills that we can immediately put into practice as professional social workers. They have become my teammates and a sounding board in our mutual efforts to empower clients. - Katherine Phillips

While working towards my Master's at the IU School of Social Work, a class presenter said, "families are going to be going through this whether or not I am there, but by being there I can hopefully be a positive resource for them." This resonated with me because growing up I had a sister who had special heath care needs, and my family would have benefited from such support. After I graduated with my Liberal Arts undergraduate degree, I starting working in the field but felt like I was doing a disservice to the clients because of my lack of education.  The IU School of Social Work not only taught me the skills I need, but also gave me opportunities to further expand my knowledge and practice. One of these experiences was the Jason Baker Fellowship. One thing that I truly enjoy about this fellowship is that it recognizes that the patients are not the only ones who are experiencing the issue but rather their entire system, including their family. Families with stressors such as a child with special heath care needs will respond in a way that is appropriate for them. With this in mind, it is our responsibility to work with families so the health care system can adapt and be most beneficial, not only to the patients but also to their family. -Amelia Grant