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Cohorts at a Glance

There are a number of options for attending the MSW program at IUPUI.  A student must choose from one of the following cohorts:   full-time day; part-time evening or the part-time Saturday cohort.  The first 30 credit hours of the program students must stay in their chosen cohort.   After completion of the first 30 hours, the cohort model ends and students begin taking courses in their concentration year.  The schedule for these concentration classes will vary, and students will have to take classes offered in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays.  Each student needs to understand that the concentration year can be done full-time in two semesters, or can be extended to accommodate part-time student schedules.  All coursework must be completed entirely before the practicum ends.

Regardless of which cohort you choose – the following information is for all cohorts:

  1. As a graduate student, one must be prepared for a very rigorous program of study which includes classroom, class preparation, research, reading and practicum time.  It is generally difficult to work full-time and attend school full-time.
  2. There are two separate field experiences for each student.  The first practicum (555) is one semester, 20 hours per week.  The concentration practicum (651 & 652) is done either in two continuous semesters, 20 hours per week, or in a one semester block, 40 hours per week.
  3. A student needs to know that the field practicum hours are available exclusively during regular daytime business hours.
  4. An applicant may only apply to one campus and one cohort per year.
  5. All part-time cohorts will begin in the second summer semester. The full-time cohort will begin in the fall semester.
  6. A mandatory full-day orientation will be held on a Friday in June. Check back for dates (8:30 am – 6:00 pm).
  7. You have 5 years from the date you begin coursework to finish the degree.
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