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Electives in Social Work

SWK-S 180    Exploring Child Welfare in Indiana (3 cr.) Indianapolis

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the child welfare system, with special emphasis on current child protection and child welfare services in Indiana.Students have the opportunity to explore careers working with children and families in the child welfare system.  This course is a service-learning course with a required component of a minimum of twenty hours of volunteer work in an identified social service agency in the child welfare system.

SWK-S 201    Introduction to Case Management (3 cr.) Indianapolis

This course explores current models of case management.  It addresses emerging case manager’s functions and roles within the contemporary network of human services.  This is a required course to fulfill requirements for the Certificate in Case Management, and may include a service-learning option.

SWK-S 300    SEL Topics in Social Work: Global Issues of Human Rights and Cultural Competent Practice (3 cr.) Indianapolis

The purpose of this course is to examine a range of issues including human rights, distribution of wealth, ethnic diversity, and social development, within a global interdependent context.  Problems of global poverty, social injustice, and inequality will receive special attention.  These areas will be examined utilizing among others empowerment, strengths, and multicultural perspectives.

SWK-S 301    Computer Technology for Social Workers (3 cr.) Indianapolis

This course provides a broad overview of computer software applications and Internet and World Wide Web, with an emphasis on their utilization in the social work profession.  Ethical and social implications of computer technology for the social work profession are explored, highlighting considerations specific to at-risk populations. Students may use this course to fulfill the BSW computer course requirement or they may take it as an elective.

SWK-S 302   Law, Inequality and Poverty (3 cr.) Indianapolis

This course analyzes the history of economic social safety nets. Course content provides particular emphasis on the US major welfare reform that occurred in 1996, and the impact of the reform in the years that followed. The course uses social science and legal literature to discuss how welfare policies interact with trends in the labor market and family structure. Implication for practitioners is addressed.

SWK-S 305    Introduction to Child Protection (3 cr.) All Campuses

This elective work course examines both research studies and the service application of knowledge in the field of family violence, abuse, and neglect.  This course is required for the Child Welfare Scholars program and may also be taken as an elective.

SWK-S 306    Crisis Intervention (3cr.) Indianapolis

This course focuses on the increasing number of complex and painful personal, couple, family, and community crisis situations encountered by social workers in the course of service delivery.  This is a required course to fulfill requirements for the Certificate in Case Management.  It may also be taken as an elective.

SWK-S 307    Grief and Loss Across the Life Span (3 cr.) Indianapolis

This is an elective course that will explore the complex components of grief and loss throughout the life span from an ecological and strength based theoretical perspective. 

SWK-S 308    Family Life Education (3 cr.) Indianapolis

An understanding of the general philosophy and broad principles of family life education in conjunction with the ability to plan, implement, and evaluate such educational programs.  This is a required course to fulfill the requirements for the Certificate in Family Life Education.  It may also be taken as an elective.

SWK-S 309    Working with Families (3 cr.) Indianapolis

Exploration of family relationships and roles in the 21st century. Examination of challenges encountered by families across the family life cycle.  This is a required course to fulfill the requirements for the Certificate in Family Life Education.  It may also be taken as an elective.

SWK-S 372    Statistical Reasoning in Social Work (3 cr.)  Indianapolis

This introductory statistics course is designed for students who wish to master some very important tools used by contemporary social work practitioners to better understand the world of practice. The primary purpose of the course is to enable students to gain an understanding of the basic principles that guide statistical reasoning, especially as they relate to making informed decisions about the quantitative aspects of their practice. It should be noted that this course meets the prerequisite requirement for students wishing to apply for admission to the IU MSW program. It is classified as a BSW elective, and as such, it may be taken as either a graded or as a pass/fail option. If this course is taken for the BSW Math/Physical Science requirement, it must be taken as a graded course.