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Child Abuse and Neglect Certificate

Indiana University School of Social Work offers a Certificate in Child Abuse and Neglect at the undergraduate level. It is open to all IUPUI students on the Indianapolis campus. Because of course sequencing requirements, completion of the Child Abuse and Neglect Certificate requires a minimum of two academic years.

The Certificate in Child Abuse and Neglect offered by the Indiana University School of Social Work prepares:

  • Graduates with knowledge of community resources.
  • Graduates to understand and apply the fundamental values and ethics of Child Welfare including a commitment to client empowerment and social justice.
  • Graduates to understand the multidimensional aspects of interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Graduates with knowledge and skills to work with families whose children have experienced abuse and neglect.

A Certificate in Child Abuse and Neglect will enhance your future degree and open doors within the Child Welfare field. Within Child Welfare, case managers have the responsibility of identifying and engaging clients, assessing the client’s needs, locating and linking the client to resources, and evaluated the outcomes of services provided.

Minimum requirements for enrollment for the Child Abuse and Neglect Certificate:

  • Admission to IUPUI
  • Currently pursing, or have completed, and undergraduate degree
  • Completion of application indicating interest in the Certificate
  • Completion of a minimum of 24 credit hours for a non-BSW student*
  • Completion of a minimum of 21 credit hours for a BSW student*
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA*

*Petition for Exceptional Consideration can be requested to waive requirement.  

Certificate Requirements:

  1. SWK-S 102 Understanding Diversity in a Pluralistic Society (3 cr.)

  2. SWK-S 221 Human Growth and Development in the Social Environment (3 cr.) or B 310 Life Span Development (3 cr.)

  3. SWK-S 251 History and Analysis of Social Welfare Policy (3 cr.) or Y 213 Introduction to Public Policy (3 cr.)

  4. SWK-S 305 Child Abuse and Neglect (3 cr.)

  5. SWK-S 201 Introduction to Case Management (3 cr.) or

  6. Non BSW Students are REQUIRED to take SWK-S 281 Introduction to Field Experience (1-3 cr.) (Offered only in Spring with a minimum of 160 hours of field experience)

  7. Select TWO courses from the list below:
    Once Course on Substance Abuse and one course on Families is REQUIRED

24 Total Credits for Non-BSW Credits

21 Total Credits for BSW Credits

Direct Questions to:

Wayne Hawk, MSW
University Hall--2045C

If you would like information on the Bachelor of Social Work program, please contact: Jewel Mosley-Edmonds, MSW, LSW at 317-274-6747 or jymosley@iupui.edu.

Make sure you have your University Identification Number and Username.  

Child Abuse and Neglect Certificate Online Application