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Program Policies

Student Handbook

The handbook has been designed as a reference to assist students in understanding the social work degree program including its curriculum, policies, and procedures. Students are encouraged to refer to this handbook at various points in their academic career. It is organized as an overview of the School of Social Work, including its history and mission; the Code of Ethics to which the School subscribes; the specifics regarding the BSW program; and services and opportunities available to the BSW students.

While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, the Indiana University School of Social Work reserves the right to change with notice, curricula, policies, courses, rules or other matters. The School attempts to make changes only as necessary and only to enhance and improve the educational experience.

Student Handbook (PDF, >1MB) Alternative Student Handbook (DOC, >1MB)

Code of Ethics (NASW)

Students are responsible for adhering to the National Association of Social Worker's Code of Ethics . The purpose of the code of ethics is to achieve high levels of ethical consciousness, decision making and practice by all social workers. The NASW Code serves as the standard by which all social workers are evaluated in relation to ethical professional behavior.

Student Policies & Misconduct

General Student Policies

General Student Affairs 

Academic Misconduct Form (PDF, >1MB)

General Misconduct & Behavioral Consultation Team